Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Moving is no fun....

this is our 5th time moving in 2 years.
  1. Puchong to Petaling Jaya (MV) while waiting for the PR approval
  2. Petaling Jaya to Australia (Coburg)
  3. Coburg to Heidelberg Height
  4. Heidelberg Height to Doncaster East
  5. Doncaster East to Donvale
i hope we will not be moving anytime soon for a while ....

God is good he always send helper

when we are in Malaysia moving we have some youth and cell groups member helping and when we are in Australia from Heidelberg Height to Doncaster East Elijah & Sarah is around to help. and this time from Doncaster East to Donvale there are here again to help. I think is fated, they are our official moving buddy. each time they comes we moved. They both help with the packing and moving and Sarah help with the new curtain for the new house both of them are a BIG help.

We also have Naomi & friends helping over a weekend, they came over moved a few car & trailer loads and help to build the patio heater & a big rabbit hutch. btw Naomi is my newly found sister in Melbourne =) We also have Vincent over to help to change the lights in the house. he brought all his tool and lend it to us.

we have boxes and boxes of stuff lying all around the house, we are going to take our sweet time to slowly unboxing them 1 by 1 =)

Ebbie> since we've begun on the thank-you's, I should also add big thank you's to our friends Kathy for helping with the curtains (I don't think I'll ever be able to operate a sewing machine!) and Simon for the trailer - I don't think we could have moved that easily without it!

P.S. Joey, how bout our moves from subang to putra perdana then to USJ court 10? :) and I think PJ again before Puchong... Haha