Friday, September 19, 2008


So what did I do on my birthday?

Well, at work (yes, I went to work!) I brought some cakes - it is our office tradition that you bring some cakes on your birthday and put it in the kitchen and send an email out to either your team or all staff ( I guess depending on the amount of cake you brought. hahaha)... anyway, I did that... was fun getting 'happy birthday' greetings all day.

after work, past 5pm, we decided to have dinner out... it was actually an idea we were thinking off all day - but I wasn't sure if we were gonna really do it... I was thinking of calling Debbie, Caleb and family (Anna too) as well as Henry and Marjorie, but considering the fact that it was past 5 by the time we decided, I only ended up calling Debbie (etc) - coz I kinda knew she was on standy for a last minute decision =D

So, we managed to have a fine time at dinner together at Shoppingtown Hotel, where I've been to dinner with my colleagues before. To add the finishing touches to a great night, Henry and Marjorie stopped by and surprised us not just with their presence but also with a thermal full of bubur cha cha =)

now, if only Debbie or Anna could please send me the pictures.... hahaha...

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