Saturday, September 20, 2008

Royal Melbourne Show 2008 - Part 1

Today, we went for Part 1 of the Royal Melbourne Show ( why part 1? coz we have a promo ticket where we get to enter twice for the same price - but they take our picture and print it on the 2nd ticket so we can't give it away... haha...

well, the place was quite crowded, and there was just so much to see and do

the kids seemed to especially love the animals everywhere. Here's Ryan at the Alpaca cage:

and Noel bravely did some face-painting

and he became super-spiderman... that is, spiderman face with superman clothes =)

which Ryan refused to do, but still cheered him on

there were also ducks...

we watched some horses

petted some animals

posed for a picture ... no, its not a real ram =) there were sheep, but the kids didn't sit on it for obvious reasons =)

Ryan milked a cow!

we didn't have time to ride the ferris wheel, but that might be the next thing we do in part 2 - if Joey's ok with it =)

what do you think this is? Believe it or not, its a fowl!

well, we did what they called a 'Farm Trail' for kids - which makes the kids go from one area to another, to answer questions and get their Farm Trail card stamped at each 'station'.

At the end of it, Ryan got his certificate, a McDonalds box of cookies and McDonalds voucher for a cheeseburger (or orange juice or salad... so we're sticking with the cheeseburger)

And Noel got his too!

we were trying to get a picture with Po, the Kung Fu Panda, but the sun was right behind, and getting lower.

by the time it was our turn, the sun was in a really bad spot...

but we did play some games

and win some prizes

one thing to note though, don't park at the 2hr parking zone, if you know you're gonna stay longer than that! =) ladies and gentlemen, we present.... our first parking fine!


joshua said...

oh what a memorable moment!

first fine for 'overtime' parking...

there are for firsts to come! ;)

d'Lion said...

Wow lots of things to do. Kung Fu panda 'Po' soooo big :-)

Ebbie Low said...

Jo... no thanks... don't want any more fines =)
Daniel, yeah, if only the sun didn't shine right on top of us. the pictures should have been better. hehe