Saturday, September 6, 2008

Fun Time with CityLife Manningham Members!

For those who's been asking, have asked, are planning to ask, or are simply wondering, yes, we did find a church we're happy with =) Our search for a church in Melbourne did not take long actually... in our 2nd week here, we landed ourselves at CityLife's newest site in Manningham, and I dare say we've settled down there church-wise. I must admit it was initially due to the fact that they have a great Sunday School programme, namely ROAR, that Ryan and Noel loves (and has brought back a whole lot of art and craft (and sunflowers) to prove it!) However, having said that, I believe the reason we're feeling very much at home here after all this while is that we've kinda grown to love a Bong family =) and no, it's not Debbie and Caleb's Bong family. hehe.

The history lessons, summarized, is that we met Marjorie Bong the first day we were at CityLife, because she was volunteering as a Sunday School teacher for Ryan & Noel's class. After a lunch at her house and our continuously failing to attend a LifeGroup (or what we used to know as a Cell Group) over the next few weeks, we eventually ended up in the LifeGroup of, who else, but Henry and Marjorie Bong. It's been alot of fun spending time together, and their girls, Valerie, Vanessa and Vivian are such a joy to be around... AND ... *news flash* for all you guys back home - Joey organized and carried out the icebreaker during our last LifeGroup meeting =) yes, no typo there, it wasn't me =) *clap*clap*clap*

Well, here's to share with you all a great day we had with the Bong family and other Manningham church members today!

What can I say, doesn't all our lives revolve around some kind of food-related event? what makes you think that's changed now that we're in Melbourne. Haha... actually, when we were invited to attend the sort of Guitar Graduation performance of Vanessa and Valerie's guitar group lessons, we had no idea food was involved. And, I'm saying sort of, because it was later introduced as not a performance, but a short Worship Session... but with 8 guitarists and their trainer... err... followed by food =)

(you need to switch OFF the website player so it will stop playing the background song, before you can hear the video... or else it will be pretty noisy!)

We had the privilege of having the Bong family over for dinner after that - dessert and games included, of course!

[Left to Right: Marjorie, Noel =), Henry, Ryan =), Vanessa, Valerie, Vivian]

we had some pre-dinner fun:

then dinner:

(and I forgot to take pictures of all the different ice creams we managed to create from Chocolate Chip ice-cream + Peppermint Ice-Cream + choc fudge + whipped cream + nuts + choc sprinkles + coloured sprinkles + M&Ms ... not to mentioned we also had some yummy strawberries with whipped cream as well as pistachio nuts, choc brownies and potato chips... and NO, its not to be eaten simultaneously. yeah, we enjoy food. haha)

and then more fun:

As far as I can tell, the funniest event of the day was actually the video that Joey took of the Father and Daughter Wii Boxing match between Henry and Vanessa. For those of you who don't know how the Wii Sports - Boxing game works, it has to do with 2 people facing the screen, each holding a remote in one hand and a 'nunchuk' (an extention to the Wii remote) in the other so that the Wii console can calculate your punches/movements.

Fathers Day Tip! This is what you can do if your daughter is beating you at a seemingly masculine sport! LOL!

Henry, Marjorie, Valerie, Vanessa & Vivien - thanks for spending the day with us, we loved every moment! Do come again!...and Henry, Joey's still planning to see u at church at 6am tomorrow to help out with the audio stuff! =) Happy Fathers' Day* to you both!! =D

*Its Fathers' Day here on Sunday, 7 September 2008.


joshua said...


Was it winter that changed Joey to an ice breaker?! 8D

Australia is really doing him good!

Valerie said...

Yayy!!!! We are on your blog!! Mum's dream came true! :)
Now the world will know THE BONGS!! hehehe
We also had a very great night! Thankyou for the wonderful dinner and for the awesome time that we had! (The desserts were sooooo gooodd!!:)I am now also in love with whipped cream!)
Thanks for all the kind words ebbie!

Ebbie Low said...

Haha, Jo... good one!
Valerie, we love having u guys around! *hugz!* thanks for the comment! at least I know ONE of u guys read it =D