Thursday, October 23, 2008

Life as at 23 Oct 08

Debbie & family left this morning, and Anna left yesterday. Both are supposed to be returning in a couple of months... I'm guessing Debbie should be back next year and Anna the year after. Then again, that's assuming neither of them change plans.
As for us, we're missing mum and dad (err... I think 'us' excludes Joey in this case... haha), but we (including Joey) are very happy to have Elijah and Sarah here.
House - we need to find a tenant to replace us before we can move (we're trying to settle earlier than the settlement date), but if we can't find one by 10th November, we're going to have to pay the rent and the loan simultaneously... which is bad... and this will be ongoing until we find another tenant that the landlord is happy to take, or til the end of our contract in May next year, whiehever comes first. Our house was open for inspection this evening and there was one family that came. we will get a better idea tomorrow if they are interested. there will be another 'open' this saturday, so we hope someone suitable will apply(to rent).
House in Puchong - for the house in Amanputra, we're trying to sell it. someone has verbally offered, but when we agreed, they said they want another week before they confirm, so we're still looking for buyers.

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