Tuesday, October 21, 2008

More on Mum & Dad's visit

Mum actually ended up getting sick for awhile after the Royal Melbourne Show, but when she finally got better, we had the chance to take them for a night out... also, Mum, Dad and Anna helped us with a last minute house transformation for an inspection we had on a weekday, and Joey wanted to take them out to say Thank You as well.

Oh, inspection basically refers to the event where you open the house for potential tenants (in the case of renting) to view. OK, enough words, time for pictures!

we went to the marina at New Quay, Docklands

we were thinking of eating here at first, but it was simply tooooo cold to eat out that day...

I jumped in for a picture...

and Anna managed to get a nice shot of mum...

this pic was taken from our seat, so no, we didn't eat there this time, we ate at somewhere called the Berth, which was a similar concept to this one in the pic - overlooking the waters.

the food took awhile, though, so Joey got busy with Noel (Anna, good job on the pic, u actually managed to take Joey! haha!)

and Noel sat quietly playing while waiting for the food.

at least Ryan managed to look up for a picture =)

the food finally came, and it was generally nice...

and there was a cute fireplace right behind us

after dinner, Anna finally got a chance to be IN a picture

then we went for a drive around the city

we only managed to get some pictures from the car, coz we didn't stop anywhere, but u get the idea =)

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joshua said...

soon it'll be hot christmas?