Thursday, October 30, 2008

Phillip Island! - Churchill Island, Koala Conservation Centre & Penguin Island

We finally made it to Phillip Island last Saturday. Was supposed to take mum and dad there, but it didn't work out the last trip. planning to bring them in February. for this trip, we were on a 3-park pass (was good value for money, but I seriously doubt I'ld do 3 passes again). Passes are cheaper if you book through RACV - have to be a member though. Our car insurance is with them, so it qualifies. Usually the penguin ticket alone is $20, but with this RACV benefit, the 3 park pass is $28.50 or so and the family ticket (2 adult + 2 children) is about $70 or so. can't remember the exact figure.

the weather was beautiful. Sunny, but not blazing hot, and not pouring rain either.

we started off at Churchill Island

the good thing about going out with others is that we get to take a family pic =)

Elijah and Sarah are lots of fun

and my cousin Irene managed to come along too, so we really had a great time! Hope she's willing to come out together more often =)

Sarah's been great with the kids... and horses... hehe

I think Elijah was keen to see if Irene might someday become a vet...

I don't know what's going on here, but it sure is cute =)

and everywhere that the guy went, the lamb was sure to go. seriously, he said he's been taking care of this lamb since it was young and the lamb considers him to be its parent. hehe.

Noel was amazing, he went up to the goat all by himself as I watched from a short distance (the goat was tied, and Noel seemed to figure that part out, which he was quite thrilled about). So, he spent quite awhile with Mr.Goat, feeding him handful by handful...

and Mr.Goat was happy too

As good as Elijah may be with the kids, credit goes to Sarah for taking a really nice shot =)

We also went to the Koala Conservation Centre (Park 2 of 3). Not that many Koalas, possibly about 10 or so, but you can get really close to some of them

like this

After that, we went to the Nobbies (free entrance) and used the seal camera to take pictures of some seals on the rocks in the distance.
[sorry, seal pictures not scanned yet]

funnily enough, although the scenery was really nice, we were all too busy eating fish and chips (which wasn't very nice) and totally forgot to take a pic. so, I'm copying this off the Philip Island website:

Then, the highlight of it all, we finally went to Penguin Parade... and its not our fault that we don't have pics - photography is strictly prohibited. So, once again, taking from their website:

these penguins are smaller than you think. they're about the height of a seagull ... and seagulls aren't large birds... soooooooo cute...... need to see them again... =)


joshua said...


Humans staying at Penguin Island must indeed love penguins.

Becca said...

Hey Joey & Ebbie and d boyz! Wow wow. Looks like u guys are having real fun down under! My how Ryan n Noel have grown. Miss you guys here in VVC. Will surely come knocking on your door wen we get there for hols!!!