Monday, August 18, 2008

Dinner at Shoppingtown Hotel

Last Friday night, (yes, I'm doing backdated posting.... bear with me here... trying to catch up on all the belated posts...) we went out for dinner with my colleagues.

Dinner was at 'Shoppingtown Hotel' in Doncaster. Joey ordered the largest plate of meat he could summon up, to celebrate his success at getting his license earlier that day. So, up came a 500gm rump steak... awesome... no, we didn't get a picture. we had our camera, just didn't think of it til it was half gone. hahaha... I had lamb shank... you can probably see part of it at the corner of the picture...

ryan had spaghetti

and noel had mini roast with fries

but u can't really make it out in the picture =) both kids' meals. Food tasted great, but none of us managed to finish our food... =( Joey is never ordering a 500gm steak ever again... haha...

Kids loved the playland.

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