Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I got my driver's license!!!


woo hoo! yay! *jumping up and down*
guess what i got?
*duh* the title says it all.

ok, here's what happened - remember I wrote in that letter to appeal for that one error? It's so cool that they actually checked it really thoroughly, and they were not biased in any way. not to mention, no one asked for any kopi-money. it was plain clean justice. can't imagine such a thing in Malaysia. I got a call yesterday from the person in charge in the centre where I took the test. He said he actually heard my complaint on Saturday, but they needed to check it through first, that's why they asked me to write all the details down, and having reviewed it and the rule book, they apoligized for the mistake. I'm just soooooooooo happy!!!! and they were really sweet too - said they were so sorry for the trouble and they hope we understand they're also getting used to the new rules etc. and at this moment, I can be absolutely understanding on just about anything they want. hehe. They made the arrangements for me to pick up my license at the nearest vicroads office, and I did that after work today... so... I've got my license! you should have seen how surprised the lady was when I said I'll pay for the 10 year license. haha. we could choose between 10 or 3 years, and considering the fact that I am *not* planning to lose my license for any reason (and the fact that I was so happy to get it, I didn't want it to expire.... haha... actually, I just didn't even think about it), I just asked for the 10 years. License costs are currently:
3 years - $45.30
10 years - $154.00

so, the best thing I can say for anyone who takes this test is, the info on the new test criteria is here
1. you really need to read the rule book
seriously, it helps alot. every point is a possible mistake you can make, so remember as much as u can!
2. the book contains all the rules, but some major ones are the ones we've listed as the errors we've made in our earlier posts. especially speed and the mirrors. in fact, try to look at the mirrors every 10 seconds or so (periodically, at lease), someone told me.
3. practice driving the way they want. especially if you've been driving for years, its not very easy to remember to keep looking in the mirrors, headchecks, speed limit etc unless you actually force yourself to do it on a normal basis.
4. practice driving in the area that your test is in. take note of which lanes are what speed, which ones are left turn only/straight only etc
5. If you were penalized for any errors that were not stated in the book, it might be worth writing an appeal letter for it. but do check the rule book first to be sure.
6. If you're an experienced driver and want to take lessons, you can go ahead with the 'preparation for test' classes they have, but take note of a few things
- its not true that you need alot of lessons, if any at all. I felt better with a lesson, but Joey didn't learn anything new.
- do NOT bother to pay to have the instructor with you. I still haven't figured out what the point is with that yet. the instructor cannot help you in any way. that's a law. and if forget to keep their mouth shut, you get an immediate termination.
- vicroads also said its not true that people with instructors have a higher passing rate.

Joey is going for yet another test tomorrow. hopefully he will get through this time!


d'Lion said...

Yay, congratulations Ebbie. Now Joey you can do it...

dorcas said...

I am so happy for you! yeh! congratulations.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on that, looks like it is easier over there. Here the driving test is much harder, and you need to go to driving school.

Ebbie Low said...

thanks, thanks... oh, in case anyone doesn't know, i'm the >e< blogger on this site... can't use my login to post.. only one owner for the site... sigh...

driving instructor UK... if its that hard there, i'm making a mental note *not* to migrate there.. hehe.. isn't there any conversion allowed for drivers with many years experience?

richrach said...

Congrats Ebbie!!! :)

BTW Ebbie, you may have multiple "contributors" in one blogsite... so y not... add yourself in?

Ebbie Low said...

rachel - u serious?! oh man... i need to do that.... argh...