Saturday, August 23, 2008

Noel is better now

Thanks for all your prayers, Noel is better now. 

Did not wake up with a high fever today. He's still coughing, but we're hoping the antibiotics is gonna fix that. We took him to another doctor (this doctor saw him once, about a month or two ago). Its usually hard to book an appointment with this clinic (Doctors of Ivanhoe) so I called to speak to the doctor, but he wasn't in. They said they will leave a message, but I wasn't sure if he would really call back. To my surprise, he not only called back, but after telling him my concerns, he said to bring Noel in during his break time and he will take a look. Amazing. I love this doc. I think we're gonna stick with him (while we're staying in this area, at least). So, he took a look and said there was some wheezing sounds, but it may or may not be a mild athsma. so, we're to continue with his cough antibiotics and if it doesn't go away in a week, to bring him back for a review. so, we'll keep praying =) 

Ryan wanted to be in the pic too =)


Mary-Janice said...

thank god he is ok now...
but anyway wat i experience for baby Janson..v also bring him to c paediatrician when he had slight cough & nose block..
the paediatrician said is because he got cold in his lungs have to be careful if not might get asthma..
so maybe once u guys get to Melbourne when is winter time..and the kids not easy to adjust so that's y will get it easily..anyway v still keep praying for him

Ebbie Low said...

Hi MJ... thanks! when r u guys coming? =)

Mary-Janice said...

jo said next year but still not confirm

Ebbie Low said...

ok, let us know when u can come! =)