Saturday, August 23, 2008

St Kilda Beach

Today we went to St Kilda, which is slightly south of Melboune. There's quite a number of beaches there, so we just stopped at one of them that had a parking lot on the beach front. Once again, we were greeted by this ever popular photogenic bird that seems to be everywhere. Is it a seagull? Yes, its a seagull =)

Anyway, the kids had fun running on the beach after the rain stopped (yeah, it rained for awhile, so we just sat in the car waiting =) but we had a pretty scenic view from the car anyway, so it wasn't too bad)

and drinking water was readily available...

the colours surrounding us were so vibrant, we just had to take pictures!

but since we had no photographer, we had to take turns, haha...

a little strange seeing such green grass by the beach =) but as usual, the kids loved it as long as they could run around!

Joey, on the other hand, preferred to enjoy our first experience of the beach in winter. Its pretty cool walking along the beach in the cold =) It got a little 'warmer' (depends on whether u call 11 degrees warm or not) later, but it was nice being there without any chance of getting sunburnt!

I didn't get to take the many dogs that Noel managed to pet (lotsa people walking their dog(s) today...), but we were pretty happy that he was brave enough to pet them ...though he did scream once when a big dog unexpectedly showed up beside him. hahaha .... Ryan wasn't scared at all, which he was proud to announce... over and over and over again... hehe... but it was all good. Oh, if anyone wonders, we only let Noel pet the dogs if the owner said it was safe to do so =)

This was just a nice shot we got of the birds all lined up... does it look like a professional istock photo? hehe =)


Marilyn said...

Wah! so nice wish i am there now ha! ha!

Ebbie Low said...

wish u guys were here too! book your free tickets with airasia! =)

Marilyn said...

Too bad no more free ticket but the cost is still expensive for 4 of us nearly RM5000 for the whole family. Anyway Dan can take leave from his job. Thanks anyway hope do see you guys when we are ready.

Ebbie Low said...

well, i'm sure there will be next time, and it's an open invitation for u guys always! or Daniel can get a job here... that will solve the problem =D