Thursday, August 28, 2008

What to gear/ equipment to buy for a camping trip in Melbourne?

Good question... I wish I knew... well, we had to think of something, coz we just signed up for a camping trip with my colleagues next March =) So, I went round asking, and my friend said, start with the basics... fine... basics... first thing I had in mind was the survival camp we had about 11 years ago... ooh... not good... and that's why I specifically said camping in MELBOURNE! not the jungles of Malaysia or something. hehe... anyway, my friend went on to describe the 3 room tent, bunk beds, sleeping bags, air mattresses etc.... hmmm!! that's starting to sound better already, not to mention we're booking powered sites, so we get electricity! she told me to expect the start up costs to be about $700. Which, thinking about it, isn't horribly bad, coz if we took a cabin instead of a powered site, its already about $800 for 4 nights... whereas, our powered site is only $216 for 4 nights... so, we decided to spend the money on something we can keep and reuse. And the result? (Okay, if there's any seasoned campers reading this, do note that we're newbies at camping in Melbourne)...

Shopping Total = $728 (yes, we went shopping!)

1. 3 room tent! ...the 2 room one was $50 less, so... might as well =)

2. Sleeping Bags

3. Air Mattresses

4. Bunk Beds

5. Chairs

6. Tables

...and if u had been counting and the numbers didnt't add to my total... its coz I didn't specify how many we bought? hahaha... (no, we're not insane, we're planning to do some camping with some of our guests when they come)

we haven't decided at this point if we're gonna be doing the cooking on site yet... we might have to... or just eat out... assuming that there's a town =D

well, that's gonna bring up the topic of a stove and mini bar fridge, I believe.

Anyway, camping here can be quite interesting, as far as shopping goes, at least! Here are some stuff we did NOT buy - taken from Kmart's catalogue - Fathers' day sale - and yes, I said Fathers' Day... we learnt the blur way that Fathers' day here is not in June... its in September. hehe... anyway, imagine camping with all this:


d'Lion said...

I see, preparing for the many guests from Malaysia :-D

Joey Chiang said...

Yeah ! 3 room Tent can sleep another 12 more people =)

Shuey said...

I know there's a camping supplies shop along Whitehorse Road/Maroodah Highway in Nunawading.

Anonymous said...

Could be your fan relay.... oe maybe your thermostat....if your thermostat is low voltage? I would just disconnect it if the fan turns off then its probably your thermastat...........something with the fan... its not heating its just blowing room temp aitr around... turning off the pilot wont shut the fan off Gas ducted heating melbourne