Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday, 25th August 2008

G'day Mate ! This blog is officially 1 month "mensiversary" ! Why do i call it "mensiversary",  

I found this on Google Answer ! with the Question what is 1 month old anniversary called. this is the best answer ... 

If the word for the commemoration of a yearly event is anniversary, by
analogy the logical word for the commemoration of a monthly event
should be "mensiversary." "Anniversary" comes from the Latin "annum,"
meaning year. (The "versary" part comes from a Latin word referring
to turning.) The Latin word for month is "mensis." Hence,
mensiversary. I've not found this word in any reputable dictionary,
but perhaps exposure in Google Answers can help to put it there. ;-)


richrach said...

hehehe... Happy Mensiversary!!!

Ebbie Low said...

Haha... doesn't anyone else feel that "The Latin word for month is mensis" sounds awfully close to some other monthly event... lol... but it makes alot of sense then =)