Thursday, August 21, 2008

Noel is not well....

I didn't go to work today... on what they call 'personal leave' which can be used for sick leave or taking care of dependents when they're sick.... and today, Noel was very unwell. Yesterday, when picking him up from daycare, they told me he had a slight temperature in the afternoon, about 37+, then in the middle of the morning, im guessing about 4am.... he came to our room with a temperature of 39.9

took him to the doctor at 10.40am, but at that time, his temperature went down to normal. the doctor concluded that he had athsma.

athsma?! well, I was absolutely shocked, and even after buying whatever stuff he needs (namely a 'spacer', face mask and an inhaler thing called ventolin, aside from the antibiotics for his cough), I still don't know if he reall does have athsma or not. the doctor gave him a round of ventolin at about 11 something, and said to give it to him every 4 hours... somewhere around 3 as I was putting him to bed I found that he was feverish again, so i gave him some childrens' panadol and ventolin, but the fever did not go down, and his breathing did not seem to improve. he was still breathing heavily and fast.

The doc also said in Australia 1 in 5 kids have athsma... the daycare guy said to bring his medication etc with written instructions tomorrow and he also said he believes its more like 95% of kids he knows has athsma ... so I'm not entirely sure that the Australian standards of athsma is what I had in mind ...

Joey thinks its just the weather that's making his lungs congested... guess I'll have to do more research on the Australian definition of athsma =(


joshua said...

We just want to say a pray for Noel:


You know all our needs and ask You to heal Noel in Jesus' name.

We plead for the blood of Lamb to cover him from head to toe.

In Jesus' name we pray, amen.

stephie said...

will keep noel in prayer...

judyquah said...

Hi, Joey
How's Noel? Is the fever gone?
Mum will keep Noel in prayer.
Do sponge his forehead to bring the temperature down. ok
Take care.


Ebbie Low said...

Thanks for prayers... fever comes and goes, this morning it was up at 39 again, but we had to go to work, and his temperature went down just before Joey had to leave for work, so he's in daycare now. Joey will call them on and off to see how it goes and if they want me to take him away, I'll have to figure out how to get off work early. Its usually daycare policy that if the child has fever, they are not allowed to come to school.