Thursday, July 17, 2008

Canon EOS 40D

We are very very very very happy here especially me, all the toys I want to buy are now so so cheap (don't convert). when we are in Malaysia, each toys I get it will takes me 12 - 24 months installment to pay it off. All the toys are so expensive in Malaysia.

For example this Canon EOS 40D, if i buy it from Malaysia it will cost about RM4450, For that amount, I have to save a few months to a years to get it or if i want it desperately i will charge it into a credit cards for like 12 - 24 months installments.

Over here in Australia this camera only cost about A$1100 plus for the body and lens about A$300, so i add it together is only A$1400, and i can pay it off without any installment =)

We just bought a 6 months old Canon EOS 40D for A$1275, I don't have any idea how to actually used it yet, will have to read and figure out how to take good picture with it =)

The camera come with
  1. Canon EOS 40D body
  2. EF-S 18-55mm Lens
  3. Hoya 58mm Pro1 Digital UV filter
  4. Hoya 58mm CIR-Polarizing filter
  5. 8gb Sandisk Extreme III CF


d'Lion said...

Hi Ebbie and Joey, welcome to Blogger.

Easier to get updates on you all this way :-D

JoshuaSim said...

hey JOey, can really sense your joy!'s like you're in a huge huge Toy's R Us for adults there! LOL! if i ever get there, you gotta show me your whole collection of 'toys'... making me drool lah!