Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Joey's in the hospital...


ok, i'm gonna postpone writing about the pot-bless lunch our lifegroup (cell group) had last sunday and ice on my windshield yesterday morning etc. as you can see, I've got other things on my mind.

It's 5am, and I've just got back from the hospital awhile ago. Joey's still there. Before anyone panics, its not very serious (we hope). He had some sort of bad headache yesterday, guessing its some form of migraine. He tried to go to work, but ended up coming back a little earlier, still with the headache. When I got back from work and settled the kids, I asked if he wanted to see a doctor, and guess what? he said no, if the headache persists, he'll see one tomorrow... then... at 1.30am he was nauseous and after vomiting, we went to Austin hospital... its not the nearest hospital, but we know exactly where it is and its still nearby.

u won't believe how many queues there are.
1. queue to register - there was no queue at 2am, so, this was fast
2. wait to see the nurse - also almost instant
3. wait to see the doctor.... his turn came at 4am...
and the nurse in there did a blood test (results in an hour) and the doctor will come later.

The nurse said it may take another 90 minutes, or maybe 3 hours? they don't know yet, and both Joey and I are surprised that they're taking a blood test to begin with... he was expecting to walk in, get injected with a painkiller and come back and sleep. anyway, I had to come back coz I was afraid the kids will wake up... and NO, I did not leave them home alone. Anna is staying over tonight. She was also helping me take care of the kids earlier, so that's a great blessing.

Anyway, now I can't sleep... and I'm gonna have a bit of explaining to do if I can't get up for work =\
waiting for either Joey or the hospital to call me...

hmm... I better just try to sleep...


5.35am... im still awake... called the hospital and checked with the nurse, Tracy.. she's quite nice. said the blood test results came back all good. and they're still giving him some kinda fluid, another litre to go. as far as i can tell, it's on an IV drip. if that works, the doctor will see if he can leave... if that doesn't work ... either more tests or more medicine....

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