Tuesday, July 15, 2008

UBY 755 is with the mechanic

For the pass 2 days the car LPG indicator is beeping for no reason amd acting weird, it indicates that there is no GAS, but it is full, it keep switch into petrol modes. so this morning i sent the car to the mechanic for them to check it. at first they told me it could be the sensor that giving the problem, the mechanic said it will take about 1 day to fix it, I should be able to collect it back after work.

Just before lunch the mechanic called up and said that there is something wrong with the LPG system. they need to send it back to LPG service centre. so i asked them when will it be ready ? the answer i got is we don't know yet.

Hmm ... now i don't know when will i get my car back ...

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