Thursday, July 31, 2008

VicRoads Test #3


okay, here goes again. we've booked yet another vicroads test for this Saturday, 2nd August. What are we doing differently? Driving lessons! And no, we're not learning to drive - we need lessons to teach us what they will assess us on. We're gonna do a 45 minute crash course each before the actual test, and bring our instructor to sit in the car with us too. Statistically speaking, applicants with instructors somehow have a higher % of passes. We're about to find out if that's correct or not ;)


Helper said...

Dear buddies,

I passed my drive test and have started to drive now. It feels so good. All my hardwork and perservance is paying off now. NEVER GIVE UP! I saw my husband driving his cool! I was passionate to drive as well. I thought it is so easy...but it was very hard for me, as I don't even know how to ride a bicycle. I just had the desire to learn and master this skill. I went through lot of ups and downs. It required lot of co-ordination skill, memory, confidnece. It taught how to learn from mistakes. It taught me 'failure is the stepping stone of success'. I failed many times...
When I failed for the first time..oK..I will try again..but when it happened for the fourth time...I was about to give up...but I didn't..I will try till I succeed.Let me think..what is the reason...let me correct my mistakes..let me change my attitude...People might criticize you....Don't forget same person is going to prize you when U succeed.
Lift yourself up! U can do it! It is meant to be! Repeat these words everyday...everytime.
The things that helped me
1. Postive imagination that I am driving my car independently(this lifts my mood..why I want to learn)
2. Beleiving it is meant to be(That is why I am learning)
3. Thank God for physical and mental ability I have(helps me to learn, correct my mistakes)
4. Recognise, Redo,Remember ( Recognise what is your pitfall...if you forget signalling...recognise, redo correctly (mentally also...after your pracice session) remember to signal next time. Fix one thing after another.....what so ever.
5. Breathe slowly, Thank sincerly(thank everyone in your life who has encouraged and be part of you to come to this level), Feel confident that you have the ability and skill to drive safely.
6. PRAY God to support you.
7. Imagine the moment you hear officer..telling you passed your test! Ringing your close friend and sharing the happiness! Driving your car confidently and safely!

colin edward said...

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