Thursday, July 24, 2008

VicRoads - 2nd attempt

Ebbie manage to call VicRoads and carried forwards our appointment to next Wednesday 30th July 2008. So do pray for us that we will PASS this time. We are trying to get the licence ASAP as my Malaysia licence only valid in Australia for 3 months and our 3 months is due on 17th July 2008. Shhhhh .... In other word we are currently driving illegally, even thou our Malaysia licence is still valid till 2011.

Is a weird system, if we a here in Australia under a temporary Visa, Student Visa etc ... we can used our Malaysia licence indefinitely as long as your Visa is valid in Australia. Just because we are a permanent resident in Australia, we only have 3 months validity.

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joshua said...

oh, this is a call for Vic to pray!

Vic, r u reading this?!