Thursday, July 31, 2008

VicRoads Driving Test - Booking Tips!


Some info about booking VicRoads driving tests... which we wish we knew in May when we first booked our driving test... they made us wait til mid-July - and by that time, the driving rules were tightened

1. Call their customer service line at 131171 at 8.30am SHARP every morning.
- If you call them later, or book at the office later, the earlier dates will all be gone... and you'll be left with some appointment like 1-2 months away.
- they have new dates almost every day, due to cancellations and releases of new appointments, which they won't tell you in advance. so just call every day to ask. In our case, I called today and got one for this Saturday, which is only 2 days away.

2. Ask them for the nearest date for any vicroads office IN MELBOURNE ONLY
- seriously, when I said 'anywhere', I got an appointment someplace in victoria, 4 hours drive away. hahaha. Even in Melbourne, you'll have to look up the addresses (
coz some of them are still an hour's drive away. I guess it depends on how desperate you are to get the test done fast.....and make sure the map reference says 'melways'... those stated as 'country directory' are reaaaally far...

you will need a credit card in hand. they charge:
Appointment: $11.10
Car practical driving test: $35.00
for the first booking and each re-sit.
if you already have a booking for a future test that you haven't sat (or re-sat....hmm is there such a word? haha) for then they only charge the $11.10 to change the appointment.

this is assuming you already have your license and you don't need the L or P licenses... and this also doesn't include the previous 2 tests we took before this, which are the Learner Permit test and the Hazard Perception Test, both of which are computerized.


Kamran said...

LoL you know what happened.. i called and i was just about to get it for 20th SEP but the time she took to enter my details she said oh damn its GONE and i was like.....
will call everyday now :) thanks for the TIPs :)

Joey Chiang said...


Good luck on your date hunting, another tips, if you are planing to go from vicroads braches to another branches like what i did ... try to go early before your test, follow behind someone that are having the test so that you can get your self firmailiar with that area.

if you have time read up the rest of our vicroad experience here

Misti said...

I had booked my drive test in July 08 but failed today so called to book the next one after 9 weeks ..shall try calling at 8:30 till i get an earlier one there are no dates prior to Dec 9.

Joey Chiang said...

Hi misti,

If you want to re-take your test as soon as possible then you may have call everyday in the morning.

it seem that there will be some cancelation every day end or new dates posted for some Vicroads branches.

Shuey said...

Now you can actually checkout and book the next available test dates and location online.