Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sunday, Monday, today and all...


What a day it has been! and so many people to thank =) thanks Debbie and Caleb for coming over and cooking dinner (really yummy chicken soup and Caleb's special vege dish was great!), Debbie and Anna for cleaning up, Caylie, Dylan, Dayson for the get well soon cards for uncle Joey, Rachel and Dorcas for your online prayer... =) We're happy Debbie and Caleb's family came over. As usual, we had fun =)

The day is finally drawing to an end. kids have gone to bed and Joey's resting. The distant sound of cars passing by fill the night. peace and quiet... *tyres screeching* ... ok, not THAT quiet if you're living along a main road. haha. but quiet enough to reflect on the things not blogged =)

I wanted to write about the pot-bless (aka pot-luck) lunch my lifegroup had in our leader's house. the kids have been asking to go visit Vanessa and Valerie, which are the twin daughters of our lifegroup leaders (Henry and Marjorie), and also Sunday school teachers in church. great family, they're a joy to be with, and I must not forget their lovely little sister Vivian who always tries out the food and lets me know what's nice to eat =) what will I do without her! I don't know how we ended up in an almost-all-malaysian lifegroup. sort of just happened. anyway, the kids had a great time there and they wanted to bring Vanessa and Valerie back... although Ryan kept calling them both Vanessa. haha. another day he'ld call them both Valerie =) the silly thing that happened on Sunday was that some hopelessly forgetful person left her handbag at that house and we all went home.... fine, fine, so I did it... hey, accidents happen... err... although that's the 2nd time I've left stuff at their house. the first time was Ryan and Noel's jackets... *sigh* anyway, I've got a picture of half a twin here ;)

Anyway, they ended up coming to visit us (while bringing back my forgotten handbag...hehe) and we had some fun eating chocolate ice cream, strawberries, playing on the Wii and iPhones... and chatting away... so it all turned out good.

I seriously wish I could have got a picture coz even I found it hard to believe that I was scraping ice off my windshield in the morning. but seriously... u know how there's like a morning mist that makes your car screens foggy? well, I took out the squeegee to clear it all off so I can drive on to work smoothly, and of all things, I found that parts of it was ice and not water... haha... had to scrape real hard at it ... and if anyone wonders... it was a rubber squeegee, so no, i didn't damage the car =)

oh no!!! we haven't read the rule book for the vicroads test tomorrow!!!! argh... bye!!


Jack Jack said...

Yo Ebbie and Joey. Enjoy Australia as much as you can. Wish you every success raising the little troopers in your new pastures. God bless all of you

Joey Chiang said...

>e< says: thanks, jack! =)