Thursday, July 17, 2008

VicRoads Driving Test

After waited for like one plus months, the day has arrived, we both went to VicRoads for our driving test. My appointment is at 8:45 AM and Ebbie's is 9:30 AM. Guess What we both failed our driving test. After driving for like 10 years, we both failed.

We quickly set another test date. The earliest date i can get is on 2nd Aug 2008 - 8:15 Am and is 45KM away from our home. Ebbie's will be some where in September


stephie said...


Joey Chiang said...

is not funny ..... now we are driving illegally =(

Kamran said...

It happened with me too i been driving for 10 years , even the test instructor said your driving is good but when she counted the points i was short of ONE point and i failed what the hell :@ the thing which pisses me off is that now i got the date in last of November ...come on what do you think i will do ? i will drive illegally cant just wait for 2 months and do nothings :@
so so so angry rt now :(

Joey Chiang said...

kamran, read this post we have posted on vicroads driving test booking tips