Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Scienceworks and more

... guess who's blogging? =D

It was a fine Saturday morning last weekend, perfect for our planned day at Scienceworks. First, we went to Coburg to pick Anna, Debbie and the kids, and then we were on our way! 

[sidetracking here, for all the hopefully relevant things I've not had time to blog...hehe]
... now how did we choose to visit that place? well, taking you back a little, it all started when a colleague of mine brought his son to work. We got into a conversation about where he liked to go, and (aside from lake mountain, puffing billy and the more commonly-heard-of attractions) he said 'Scienceworks'. That was seriously the first time I heard of the place. Google-mapping a little, I found that it was approximately 5km west of the city.. not too bad!  So, we decided that we would go there on one of our Saturday escapades. Huh? what are our Saturday escapades? argh... I need to start another blog for that... haha... but since you asked, =D 
"Saturday escapades"
... as you know, both Joey and I are working now, and our usual weekday is wake up - drop kids - go to work - come home - dinner - bathe kids - sleep .... yeah, I know you didn't ask about that, but I thought I'ld tell you anyway =) so, ANYway, we usually think of something fun to do every Saturday or Sunday (church here gives us choices as to whether we want to attend the Saturday or Sunday services... so we've actually been to church every single week without fail!) .... well, most of the time, our plans land up being on Saturday... mostly because its so exciting we don't wanna wait yet another day for it. hahaha.... so far, we've spent some weekends 
- visiting different shopping malls (we've been to Northland, Chadstone, Knox City, Westfield Doncaster, Victoria Gardens... hmmm... that's all!?), 
- looking around at houses for sale (old houses, new houses, houses that are yet to be built, display houses, north of melbourne, east of melbourne, etc etc)
- shopping
- cars for sale (we've successfully bought our car already, so that's the end of that)
- shopping
- going for picnics (only at coburg lake and ruffey lake park so far... yes, it IS cold in winter... )
- shopping
- and the most exciting one was Lake Mountain... which you've seen Joey's blog on... (and we're going again with Debbie's family soon... twice the number of people and twice the amount of fun!...coming right up!) Did we mention we made our very first snowman? err... he was about 1 foot in height and had twigs for hands and a leafy twig for a nose, compliments of Anna, but still, our first snowman! yay! and its actually hard work scraping ice with your gloved hands and equally hard work trying to make it resemble a roundish shape. Winnie the Pooh and Mickey Mouse did not reveal that when they scooped up perfectly rounded snowballs off the ground and you seriously can't roll the ball round and round and expect it to grow proportionately bigger, nor is it perfectly round anyway... oh yeah, we had fun tobogganing too.... though the climb back up the hill wasn't too much fun for a certain someone who perfectly happy with the lack of exercise in her life ;) but it sure was fun enough to go sliding all the way back down again! especially sharing the toboggan with Ryan and Noel. we all had so much fun! [Note to anyone toboganing with a small kid in front of you... do NOT dig your feet into the snow to slow down if your kid's face is right where the snow is flying at... the little guy would turn into a snowman way faster than it took me to make my 1 foot snowman. lol...]

err... where was I? Scienceworks? yeah...

[continuing my original story now]

So, we arrived at Scienceworks...

And we fueled up on some food first 

(the fried fish fingers and chocolate chip cookies that Debbie packed actually tasted better than the sandwiches at the cafe..!)

The weather was perfect for chasing birds (haha), so, we let the kids run around outdoors for awhile

Scienceworks actually has a few different parts to it. There's the planetarium and some invent-and-learn thing which we didn't go to (why? coz they charge them all separately and we only had enough time for one anyway. maybe another time)... anyway, the one we did go to was the main Scienceworks exhibition (which turned out to be free for kids, by the way!) and we also got tickets for the Lightning Show, which was pretty informative, although all the kids remembered were pretty lights and a mascot bunny. For those who are abit older though, there were alot of interesting facts about nature and energy and I never knew that paper clips could save my life =)  give it a guess!

There were quite a number of things on display that the kids had fun playing with ... an all time favourite would be that little ball you drop into the ... hmm... bowl? not really a bowl... u know, how you can throw a coin into that big plate-looking-thing where it goes round and round before finally going down the funnel into the hole in the middle? yeah, that one. and no, i didn't take a picture of it coz it seemed so 'normal'. haha. 

there was a section on sports, though...

like wall climbing...

tree climbing... errr..... *ahem*

and kayaking...

another fun one was the race track where they let 2 people run side by side and they track the time you took to finish what I believe was a 100-meter run, and they show you the lady that did it in 2 minutes... and as much as Ryan, Noel, Caylie, Dylan and Dayson tried, they couldn't do it in 2 minutes =D

They did, however, spend way more than 2 minutes at the playgrounds outside! 

Its hard to take pictures inside, so we took some outside...

well... we all had a great time together ... and looking forward to more fun this weekend! =)


stephie said...

can actually imagine cheh talking about it =)
really miss u guys n the boys...
update more n take care!!

d'Lion said...

Cool trip :-)