Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What not to do during a VicRoads driving test


ok, I'm getting used to this... we failed the test again and we're gonna have to retake it... again... and by the end of it we would have compiled a long list of not-to-do's during a vicroads driving test that hopefully helps someone else to know what not to do.

the first test we failed, we learnt the following:
1. at the 'stop' sign, you need to stop before the line, not on the line. and it has to be a complete stop too.
2. headcheck - make sure they see you doing the headcheck. if the gesture is not 'big' enough, you still get penalized
3. there's a limit as to how slowly you can drive, so driving slower is not playing it safe. you cannot go below 10km/h of the stated speed limit (at the same time, if you go above the speed limit, you're still in trouble)

today, we learnt, amongst other things, that mirrors can make you fail:
1. Before signaling left you have to look at the back mirror then look at the left mirror then only left signal
2. before signaling right, same thing. back mirror, right mirror, then signal
3. before braking or slowing down, look at the stupid back mirror again first
4. if you signal, and while turning the signal goes off, you have to turn it back on, or else its considered 'not signaling long enough'
5. if you're turning or merging with traffic, you need to take the FIRST safe gap. if you wait til the next one, too late (at the same time, if you don't stop to observe the traffic before moving out, u get penalized too)

anyway, today's story was mainly on the mirrors, coz every time the officer said turn right, turn left etc, we lost points, not because we didn't check the mirror - she said she knows we did - it just wasn't in the right SEQUENCE. so, anyone who's gonna be taking the test, as far as I understand, what went wrong is we didn't follow the sequence of back mirror then side mirror then signal. we either signaled first or did them simultaneously... both of which were unacceptable.

and believe it or not, I still lost a point for not keeping up to speed. and this time it was only for a short stretch, just from the time we turned out of the office til the first traffic light. didn't seem to help that it was all fine after that...

hope we dont need to learn too many more lessons... haha...


richrach said...

scary-nya..... if u guys (10 yrs experienced drivers) could fail... then i... (no need to say liao...)

C.J said...

I am trying to deal with VicRoads and their new driving test right now. They really don't like me over there...
The first time I went to try to take the test, I was turned away because the signatures in the front of the logbook didn't match the ones in the entries at the back. I'm sorry, but the spaces in it were too small for a proper signature... They told me to pay a transfer fee to retake the test three months later. I also had a look at their testing list and saw that half of their test applicants were also turned away before they could even attempt the test.
$400 later, I attempted to take the test again... only to be told after the first stage that I was 'driving too slowly' and then was immediately failed! Again, I'm sorry but I can't accelerate to 60 km/hr straight after leaving a parking space...
None of the applicants in front of me who performed similar actions were failed.
I really can't afford to keep doing this over and over for seemingly no reason, I just wish I'd read these tips sooner. ^^

Joey Chiang said...

C.J, hope all this tips will help you to pass the next round !


Unknown said...

Imm...C.J..I also am having the same experience with you in VicRoads. When the first time I took the driving test, they didn't allow me to do the test and made me pay transfer fee to redo the test because the brake-light was not bright enough according to their instructor. In the second time, they failed me again for not doing headcheck (that's what their instructor said, but I really did headcheck and she wasn't even looking at me the whole way =( )..then I took the test third time, and I was failed again because I didn't turn the signal long enough when I change lanes (that's what their instructor said). I really hate to go and book for new test again because I am just wasting my moeny and they are not going to give me pass in this life..I guess. But believe or not..I have been driving in oversea for 7 years and also have been driving 5 years in AU with oversea license, and have never had a single accident or a mistake. So..I just think that Vic Road dislike me ">_<"

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Unknown said...

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